For the Love of Succulents

Well hello everyone out there in blog land.  I’ve been MIA for quite a while and thought I’d pop in and share a few things.  I’ve discovered the wonderful world of succulents. I think they’re the only plants I can’t kill. So easy to maintain with very little water. Just stick them in area where you get sun or filtered sun and they do just fine.  You can even propagate them and grow more plants from leaves or stem cuttings. The process is easy and very rewarding. I get why people call it plant therapy. I could literally spend all day at the nursery shopping or simply admiring their beautiful selection of succulents.  I could also very easily just camp out in my garden an entire weekend and be very content with my hands dipped in fresh soil with terr-cotta pots at the ready to be filled up with love. I have so much to share and will do so in the coming weeks. For now enjoy these pics from my garden. It’s 12:42am and this mama bear is dog tired. Night all!