Chicago Trip

My daughter and I recently returned from a Chicago trip with her class and I must say with all the planning, shopping and preparation we’ve had to do in the weeks leading up to the trip, I’ve had little time for blogging. Lindsey is a junior in high school and plays the flute for the school’s wind symphony and jazz bands. This year her class had the opportunity to fly out to Chicago on a 5-day trip to play at the Chicago symphony hall. Being the overprotective mom that I am, I chose to go along as a parent chaperone. I just thought 5 days far from home without one of us with her was just too long. It was a fun experience and I must say I enjoyed some of the sightseeing we got to do although I wish we had more time. With a tour guide assigned to our large group of kids (50 in total), ten chaperones and two teachers we had a schedule to stick to and no time to mess around. It was very cold, I’m talking 20 something degree weather on some days and other days it was in the 30’s. On our last day there it was a toasty 43 degrees…lol. There was snow everywhere which was a real treat for a lot of these California kids who were dying to play in the snow but we were so pressed for time that it had to wait until we were done with the day’s activities. They took part in a music clinic at Wheaton college and got to learn a lot from their school’s band director as well as learn how to improve their playing techniques. They also attended a music clinic at the Chicago Symphony Hall where they later had the opportunity to play and experience what it’s like to perform in a large music hall. It was quite the experience and I must say that we were all so proud of them. In between the rushing around and participating in music clinics we found time to visit the Sears Tower, Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, Art Institute, and Aquarium. As the trip started to wind down, we found time to take the kids ice skating at a park near our hotel. They had the best time. All in all it was a great trip and I enjoyed the experience very much. The only thing I would have done different was book a room for myself. I didn’t mind rooming with other parents but when you have to share a bed with someone you just met, it gets kinda weird…lol! Here are some pictures from our trip in no particular order. Enjoy! 019 (PS)

Wheaton College

021 (PS)

Billy Graham Center

016 (PS) 005 (PS) IMG_1733

Baby it’s cold outside


Atop Sears tower, not looking down that’s for sure!


Practicing before their big performance

IMG_1737 (PS) IMG_1736 (PS)

These boots I got from Payless were SOOO comfortable. I wear a size 5 but they didn’t have my size so I got the only pair they had which was a 6 1/2. Since I wore multiple layers of socks they fit perfectly and were oh so comfy.

IMG_1724 (PS)   IMG_1721 (PS) IMG_1719 (PS) IMG_1708 (PS) IMG_1704 (PS)

Band Director at Wheaton college working with the kids

IMG_1694 (PS)

This parent brought her knitting project with her. I was so jealous because I didn’t bring my knitting needles with me on the trip. I just didn’t want to go through any hassles at the airport. I guess I could have packed it in my checked bag and not my carry-on but I already had a lot of stuff packed and didn’t want to add to it.  But boy oh boy I was sure missing my needles especially when I was sitting for long periods…lol!

IMG_1692 (PS) IMG_1691 (PS) IMG_1689 (PS) IMG_1688 (PS)

View from the Sears Tower

IMG_1772 (PS) IMG_1771 (PS) IMG_1767 (PS)

They rocked the symphony hall. Great job kids!

IMG_1760 (PS)

Group pic

IMG_1789 (PS)


Trying out my new lens