Organized Desk Space

Thought I’d pop in and share a quick blog post on how I organized my desk last weekend.  Unfortunately I didn’t take a “before” picture so you could really see the mess. Previously I had a fold up table I had purchased from Costco many years ago and slid a couple of plastic sterlite drawer organizers with casters underneath it.  It worked for several years but then I decided to get a real desk and found this pretty Ikea one on Craigslist for $20.  I was shopping at our local antique flea market a couple of months ago and found the perfect bookcase to store all my fabric, books, and craft paper for $30. But I didn’t get it. I thought I could find a cheaper one if I kept looking.  Well newsflash..THAT was the cheapest one and when I went back to get it, it was gone.  So I went to Joanns and purchased three wood crates and stacked them on top of each other to create that slim book case look I wanted for this corner of the family room next to my desk. It works.  And that cute little white mesh three drawer organizer I got from Ikea. Not expensive at all.  I do cheap around here can you tell…lol!

In the next picture you’ll see my junk drawer and how everything is in a disarray and just an unorganized mess.  If you know me, you know that I do simple and organized around here and try to keep things stored in a way where they are easy to find.  I had a few plastic organizers in my garage and some pretty wrapping paper I used to line the drawer with.  Doesn’t it look fresh and clean and organized? I’m not a fan of clutter. Can you tell?


IMG_3301IMG_3321 IMG_3322 IMG_3319


Spice Organization Idea

It’s been a while since I posted something on organization.  Every now and then I’ll share a tip  I picked up on Pinterest or YouTube and pass the info along on my blog.  After all, sharing is caring, right? A couple of years ago I stumbled upon Alejandra Costello’s YouTube channel and let me tell you, she is what I call an ‘organization guru’.  While I doubt my house will ever look as clean, organized and tidy as hers, I can say that I’ve learned SO much about organizing and decluttering and just creating an effective streamlined environment where things are easy to find and easy to put away with no hassle.

For instance, take this tip on keeping your spices organized.  Who would have thought that throwing a lazy Susan in your kitchen cupboard would make life a bit easier.  It just never occurred to me that using this simple little gadget would not only organize my spices but also help declutter my cabinet all together. That’s what I call a!

Eventually we plan on re-doing our kitchen cabinets otherwise I’d totally line the inside with chalkboard contact paper so I could write down measurements and hang my measuring cups like you see Here.  Not sure when we’ll do this but if it will take longer than expected to update our kitchen then I’ll probably cave and just do it now. Of course you will all be the first to know 🙂

For now here’s a picture of what the inside of my cupboard looks like. Sorry I didn’t think to take a before shot. But just picture all the spices strewn about and knocked over each other.  It was a real cluttered mess. This way things are a tad bit easier to find.  I keep my most often used spices on the outer edge of the lazy Susan for easier access.  Just spin and win..hey that!


The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up – Book Review

Okay so I finally bit the bullet and downloaded this book to my kindle.  I just couldn’t take it anymore and had to see what all the fuss was about this Marie Kondo person.  To be honest the title of this book really didn’t grab me at all.  I thought what’s so magical about tidying up?   Just clean up your house and be done with it. Nothing magical about that.  Oh how wrong I was.  As Marie takes you through the steps of organizing, storing and ultimately decluttering your home, you can’t help but feel an awakening of sorts.  My own process of cleaning and decluttering my home consisted of emptying out all dresser drawers completely and going through each article of clothing and selecting what stays and what goes.   I smugly thought, phssshh, I could have written this book with my hands tied behind my back since some of the steps Marie explained sounded very familiar as I was already implementing them in my organizing routine.  Anything I wanted to keep would get folded and put back in the drawer and anything I didn’t want would go in a pile designated Yard Sale.  Whatever was leftover from the yard sale I’d load into my car and haul it off to the Goodwill.  But Marie tackles clutter a lot differently than I do.  One would think her primary goal in life is to empty out her clients homes and leave them with nothing more than a bed and the clothes on their backs. Not the case at all.  She merely explains her rationale on why certain things need not hold a space in your home a minute longer than it should.  Holding each piece of clothing, book or trinket in your hand and determining if the item sparks joy is the question you should ask yourself.  If the answer is no, then it gets placed in the discard or donate pile.  This goes for all the bedrooms, closets, bathrooms, kitchen, and cabinets in the home.  While some of her reasoning on why some things should get discarded may seem a bit extreme, I totally get her point and simply can understand her passion for organization and having a clutter free, calm and peaceful home. Though I doubt I’ll be tossing out any articles of sentimental value anytime soon…lol!

Since reading this book I have to say it has completely changed how I view things in my home.  I’ve held on to stacks of books for so long with the intent of one day getting around to reading them and the same with a few dresses that I bought and planned to hem (I’m really petite) but after several years I just never got around to it.  The truth of the matter was that every time I saw those stacks of books on my shelf or those dresses hanging in my closet, I felt guilt and unhappiness and to be honest I always let out a big sigh because they were reminders of my perpetual problem with procrastinating and my lack of commitment to accomplishing things I said I would but never did.  As I went through the books I found they no longer interested me and the dresses hanging in my closet were out of style and no longer something I wanted to wear. They didn’t spark joy.  So I donated them to the Goodwill.

In closing, what I thought was a silly book (because of the title) and only purchased it out of curiosity after reading all the great reviews, I quickly swallowed my words and can honestly say that Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up was indeed life changing for me personally.  While I have yet to finish my entire home by using her famous KonMari method of simplifying, organizing and storing, I did complete my bedroom and half of my kitchen.  Still a work in progress but definitely going in the right direction thanks to this #1 New York Times Best Selling Japanese guide to decluttering. It has definitely earned a spot on my book shelf. Happy reading, ya’ll!