Farmhouse Table DIY Refresh

Four years ago I bought this cute farmhouse table from a gal I met at our local antique flea market. She painted it to my specifications and it was exactly what I wanted….at that time.  I look at this photo and smile with a grateful heart for all the meals we’ve eaten at this table as a family and with those we’ve welcomed into our home.  But as the years go by and seasons change, so did my taste in home decor. Have you ever looked back at old pictures and say to yourself  “what was I thinking?”  Well that’s kinda how I feel when I look at the yellow walls  and the mint green chairs….so I decided it was time for a refresh.  The walls have since been painted white so we’re good there. 🙂 But the chairs and the table needed a fresh coat of paint.


If you know me you know that I frequent instagram quite a bit. In fact a lot of my home decor inspiration comes from IG.  I didn’t know the first thing about painting or sanding anything so I just did a little research on IG and YouTube and learned that before sanding you can strip the paint off furniture using Citri-Strip Stripping Gel.

Basically it’s a gel  that you apply to your furniture piece and distribute evenly and generously then let it penetrate for about 30-40 minutes. That’s it!

Then you take a paint scraper and start scraping away all the gunk. The old paint comes off so easily!


After all the paint is scraped off, my husband took the table outside and sanded it down to a nice smooth finish.


My initial plan was to stain it with danish oil. But there was a spot on the wood that was hard to get rid of and would be visible through the stain. So I had to go to plan B.

I decided to give it the same gray wash look it had before. The old paint was looking worn out anyway so it was nice to slap on a fresh new coat and give it that old reclaimed wood look.  As you can see in the picture below I separated the sections and applied about two coats of Rust-oleum Chalked Linen White paint (forgot to take a photo of the table top painted all white but you can see a section of it here). Then I followed with Rust-oleum Chalked Aged Gray paint.

To give it that aged, look I waited for the white paint to dry then I dipped my paint brush in the gray paint and lightly brushed the gray paint over the white, varying the brush strokes and applying heavier paint in some areas and lighter paint in other areas. Since my goal was to make this table look old and weathered I didn’t go for a lot of uniformity here.


Considering this was my first time painting a piece of furniture, I was quite pleased with the results. Now time to seal the deal!

After doing some more research on how to seal the paint I came across some really great reviews on Miss Mustard Seed Antiquing Wax. I decided to give it a try and ordered both the black/brown and clear wax from Amazon. The link is HERE if you would like to order.

I can’t express enough how easy it was to apply.  First I started with the dark wax. I cut up one of my husband’s old t-shirts and used it to apply the wax.  You can see how it highlights the paint and makes those brush strokes really stand out.


After allowing the dark wax to cure for a couple of days. I finished it off with clear wax.


After the final application I let it seal for a couple of days.  Next I had to tackle the job of sanding down six chairs and painting them all white. But before I did that I used Citri-Strip stripping gel to remove all the paint. You can see below how after applying a generous layer it starts to break down and crackle the paint making it easy to scrape off.


I didn’t record the sanding of the chairs but was sure happy when I was done.  It was hard to get into those hard-to-reach areas with my husband’s sander so I ordered own :-).  There were so many to choose from but I went with one that had pretty good reviews and didn’t break the bank.  Go HERE if you want to check out the Black & Decker Mouse Detail Sander.  After all the chairs were sanded down, I wiped them all clean with a damp rag.  I let them dry then painted them all with linen white chalked paint.  Once the chairs were completely dried I distressed them with sandpaper until I was happy with the look. After wiping them clean from all the dust, I sealed them with clear wax.

I hope you enjoyed my step-by-step tutorial on how I refreshed our farmhouse table. I didn’t care for the sanding part much but sure loved the painting.  One thing I neglected to mention was the base of the table.  It was a cream colored paint which I painted it over with linen white chalk paint. No sanding. I normally would have stripped the paint with the gel stuff then sanded it down but this mama was tired and desperately wanted to eat off the table with her family again…lol!


Beautiful New Cottage Style Table and Sideboard Buffet

So I’ve been on the hunt for a new table with matching chairs. The one we had for almost 10 years was worn and had scratches with heat and water stains all over the table top.  Then one of the chairs started to wobble after a screw got loose and fell out. Seriously, it got to the point that we dreaded company because we were so embarrassed at how raggedy the table was looking. We went to Ashley’s Home Furniture store and actually ordered a dining set with a matching sideboard buffet table. But to be honest I wasn’t happy with the color or the style so I called and canceled the order before it got delivered. Truth be told, I wanted a two tone shabby chic or cottage style table and sideboard but I didn’t want to break the bank either. I scoured nearby furniture stores and found nothing close to what I was looking for. Finally my brother Gonzalo suggested I check out the Long Beach Antique Flea Market that opens the third Sunday of the month at the Veterans Stadium by his house. Believe me when I say this flea market is like heaven on earth if you have a soft spot for vintage items. As we made our way around the hundreds of vendors I finally found the table I was looking for. It was a oval shaped two toned table with four light green colored chairs. The table top was gray and the rest white.  It was exactly what I wanted. Too bad it was sold! Can’t express enough how heartbroken I was. But the gal who was selling the furniture was very willing to help me and offered her business card and suggested I email her what I wanted and she would be happy to search around for the right table and paint it any color I wanted. Well let me tell you this sweet gal came through for me and found exactly what I was looking for and really put her skills to work and brought an old vintage looking table and sideboard buffet back to life with a little sanding and some fresh paint.

Here are some before and after pics by the talented Simone Udink. By the way if you live in the Orange or L.A. County area in sunny Calif feel free to email her at and tell her I sent you. You can also check out some of her stuff on Instagram @my_cottage_by_the_sea.

Check it out and let me know what you think….






Seriously in love with the fact that it has a pedestal




 After…. (love that distressed look)

003 004


Christmas Decor

With all the craziness of the holiday season I failed to share a few pictures of our home decor. I must say this year our house was looking especially Christmasy with the wonderful apothecary jars I picked up from Michaels during the black Friday shopping craze.  Let me tell you, Michaels had some really good deals going on.  What I love about these jars is that after Christmas you can switch out the glass ornaments with some basket grass, candy and decorative Easter eggs or maybe red, white and blue jelly beans for a 4th of July bang. The possibilities are endless!  Another cool deal I got at Michaels was their pretty delicate glittery, sparkly, shiny (don’t know how else to describe them) tree ornaments. I usually dress up the tree in the usual red, green, and gold but this year I wanted a more pastel-like color scheme with some silver and gold mixed in.  Take a looksee and feel free to leave a comment. 🙂

These pictures were taken with my iPhone.

photo 5 (2)

photo 4 (3)

photo 4 (2)

photo 3

photo 3 (3)

photo 3 (2) 

photo 2 (3)

photo 2 (2)

photo 1 (2)

At the end of a busy work week I finally got to sit down to address Christmas cards and enjoy a glass of wine!