Bible Art Journaling

One of my latest discoveries has been the joy of bible art journaling. I’ve been a part of a Journaling Bible Community group on Facebook for several months just taking in all the beautiful artwork that some talented women have created in their bibles and honestly I never thought that I would eventually start journaling myself. To be honest I actually thought that all the time spent in drawing, painting and coloring was taking away from valuable study time. Yet the more I stalked this FB page the more I was intrigued by some of the pictures that were created that I eventually hopped on the band wagon and pulled out my Prismacolor pencils that  I got for Christmas and went to work.  I can tell you what a joy it has been to just sit and draw and color and really take in the scriptures . I’m no artist by any means and really the lack of artistic skills is what kept me from even trying to draw something that is faith-based and worthy of sharing anywhere. So I started with something easy. It was Valentine’s Day so I thought I’d journal on “love” and create a tree with hearts and then add the scripture Colossians 3:14 ~ “And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony”.

While I’ve seen some bibles with pages drenched in water color paint and almost completely covering the words, I opted for a more softer, approach and really prefer to not cover up God’s word with so much color that I can’t even read it.  Although I do have my NKJV study bible that I use solely for studying, I will use my ESV version bible with wide margins for bible art and for sharing some faith-based artwork.



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