Essential Oils Travel Bag

Last November we took a short 2-day family trip to Solvang and Ojai.  I was wanting to pack a few of my Young Living Essential Oils to have on hand in case of headaches, tummy aches, or backaches. I didn’t want to just throw the bottles into my duffle bag. Even though they were tightly sealed I wanted no chance of leakage so I came up with safe way to pack them.  I went to Target and found this $2.00 zipper bag which I thought was the perfect size.  I had some stretchy elastic in my stash of sewing essentials and went to work.

All I did was measure the length of elastic I needed to sew onto the inside of the bag and created six loops just big enough to hold six bottles of essential oils. You can see by the photos below it wasn’t too difficult to do.  I was able to secure the bottles in the bag and then place the bag upright in my purse.  Easy 20 minute project.





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