Prismacolors and learning how to draw

So for Christmas my brother got me this beautiful 150 count Prismacolor pencil set.  My kids were instantly jealous…lol! One of the things that I decided I wanted to delve more into this year was art. I’m no artist and can’t draw if my life depended on it.  But I just love colors, and I love creating with my hands and have always enjoyed art.  I used my 50% off coupon at Joanns to pick up this brush organizer for the water colors (not pictured) my brother also got me, and this plastic water color tray so I can mix colors and this sketch book.

I know a volunteer where I work who’s daughter is the director of Kung-Fu Panda 3 and every year she will give me and my co-workers each a set of beautiful handmade cards that have her watercolor paintings (photocopied and shrunk to fit standard size cards).  She is a gifted artist like her daughter and always talks about how much she enjoys painting and how relaxing it is for her.

Check out the picture of my husband I drew the other day.  I’m no Picasso and can certainly use more practice time but I was pretty proud of myself.   The glamour photo of my husband and I some 20+ years ago was the picture I used.  Oh to be that young again…lol!






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