How I study the bible using the S.O.A.P. method

I don’t know about you but studying the bible can be difficult at times especially if you are in a noise-filled environment. That’s why for me, it’s easier to grab a few precious minutes in the morning while I’m having breakfast before I leave for work.  Studying in the evening after dinner is almost out of the question unless I retreat to my room, put ear plugs in and hang a do not disturb sign outside my door.  Another problem I have while bible studying is sometimes understanding and really absorbing the scriptures and the meaning behind them. So I searched  “bible study methods” on YouTube and found a very informative video which I will link down below.

All you need is a bible, a notebook or journal and pen.  Basically what you do is select a verse that you are drawn to or wish to gain a deeper understanding of and follow the SOAP method. By following this method you will write out the the word SOAP vertically in your notebook. Each letter should be spaced out evenly like in the picture below.  I’ve outlined below the meaning for each letter…

Scripture    –    Read through the scripture and really take it in. Don’t just skim through it but really absorb every word and really think about what it means. Then write out the verse in your notebook.

Observation    –    Think about what you’ve observed in this passage and write it down and share what you feel God’s message is through this part of the scripture.

Application    –    This is where it gets personal in where you write down how the verse applies to you in your life today or how you identify with a specific bible character and how you plan to apply what you’ve learned.

Prayer    –    This is also personal. It’s a message from you to God so don’t stress about getting the words down right. Just speak/write from the heart and remember that God always listens to you and already knows your needs. He just wants to hear from you.

Feel free to check out the video How to Study the Bible Using the SOAP Method as it is very basic and clear and I love how Asheritah Ciuciu (love her name, don’t you?) explains things.

I pray the SOAP Method helps you in your walk with the Lord and brings you closer to Him than ever before. God Bless!



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