Young Living Essential Oils starter kit!!!

So I HAVE to share with you my latest discovery.  Essential Oils! For years I have been hearing all about the benefits of essential oils and how effective they are for aches and pains and what not. It wasn’t until I came across a blog post from someone describing her own personal experience on how it had changed her life.  I also have a friend who is a nurse and whenever we’d get together she’d talk about how a few drops of oregano oil would wipe out a sore throat or a cold that she felt was brewing.   After hearing me talk about it enough times my husband decided to order a kit for my birthday.  Thankfully I don’t often get sick or have unending  aches and pains that keep me bedridden.  But I do have a sensitive back that will ache if I make a wrong move or lift a heavy object.   And like many people I get stress headaches too and on rare occasions, a simple head cold. I would take 600 mg of ibuprofen for the backache or headache and over-the-counter cold medicine.  While these remedies provided some relief I always took them with some hesitation and would only resort to them when absolutely necessary especially when I needed a little help to get through a work day. I always lean towards natural remedies like echinacea tea with lemon and honey and just getting plenty of rest but sometimes our bodies need a little more than tea to get through the day.

So after my kit arrived I delved right in and opened all the bottles of different essential oils and let me tell you my noise had a feast with all the different scents :-). A diffuser was also included along with samples you can share with family and friends.  I filled my diffuser up with water and added a few drops of lavender oil and in no time my house had this zen-like feel to it which was very relaxing and almost meditative.  But the real test was when a few weeks later I needed pain relief.  On Thanksgiving Day our family had dinner at my brother’s house. Just before we left our house to head over I could already feel a headache coming on.  So I grabbed some peppermint oil and put about 2 drops on my fingertips and applied/massaged it into the base of my neck and concentrating on some pressure points in the back of my head. Thinking back I should have just used one drop because trust me, a little goes a LONG way.  By the time we reached my brother’s house I not only had headache relief but I also felt sleepy if you can believe it. LOL! Last week I had another headache and decided to use Lavender oil and this gem of an oil also gave me the relief I needed without making me feel sleepy which I thought was kinda funny because lavender is known to have a calming effect and is also used as a sleep aid. I have a booklet that I refer to that tells you what oils help with what and it’s been extremely helpful and great resource to have on hand.

Since receiving my starter kit I’ve used my essential oils for many things, my husbands back and leg pains (just add a few drops of peppermint to a carrier oil like coconut or sweet almond oil and massage), my occasional headaches and just last week when he had a sore throat and asked if I had anything for it I said “I sure do baby” and went and got out the oregano oil .  With the flu season upon us I wanted to make sure I had some on hand just in case so I ordered it separately as it is not included in the starter kit.   Remembering what my nurse friend said about how oregano oil helped her, I quickly added about 2 drops to 8 oz of water and had my husband drink it.  You can also put a drop or two under your tongue like my friend did.  I’ll be honest and say it’s not the best tasting but my hubby drank it anyway and the next morning his sore throat was gone. Usually when he has one, it almost always is a precursor to a cold but the oregano seemed to stop it in it’s tracks.

I highly recommend Young Living Essential Oils.  I’ve researched other companies and they’re all great but I felt Young Living was a better fit for me. But I do encourage you however, to do your own research.  The important thing is that you choose the right oils for you and your family.  The nice thing about Young Living Essential Oils is that you can order for yourself and/or you can get into the business side of it.  It’s up to you and there is no pressure at all which is a big plus. Should you decide to give essential oils a try I pray you find it a blessing like my family and I have.  🙂


IMG_0643 IMG_0898



4 thoughts on “Young Living Essential Oils starter kit!!!

  1. Little Wildflowers

    Your photos are so lovely!!! And I love your sweet home in all your shots. You’re so lucky to have Oregano as well, I haven’t tried it yet but I’m so excited to 🙂

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