Crocheted hats and other ramblings…

Whenever I can I like to post pictures of some of my latest knitting and crocheting projects.  I enjoy sharing projects and learning from other crafters around the world and get so inspired by all the creativity and talent out there.  Something about designing, creating and making something pretty out of yarn, thread or paper that just puts me in a happy place.  There is a special kind of  joy I feel when I get to sit at the sewing machine or when I take my crochet hook or knitting needles out to play with.  It’s like I go off to my world where I can just do my thing and escape for a bit.  Just give me some thread, yarn, or pretty colored or patterned paper and I’m set.  Kinda like when you hand a toddler a coloring book and crayons to shut them up and keep them busy for a while…lol!!

I’m more of a hands on, learn by observation type of gal.  My one problem is I rarely have the time or the energy to complete a project in the expected amount of time one is supposed to complete it. For example a blanket should take approximately 3 weeks or so to complete, give or take a week depending on the size.  A beanie hat should take maybe a full weekend, if that. But folks, this is moi we’re talking about. I’m a procrastinator and I’m quite possibly a little ADDish too. I delay finishing things or wait until the last moment to work on something and I am easily distracted and often times a bit of a scattered brain.  My kids will certainly attest to that for sure…LOL!  I’ve got a beautiful ripple blanket that’s been in the works for the past several months that’s not even close to completion. Then I’ve got a cowl scarf that I’m knitting in the round which I started about a year ago. I was just about done with it when I realized I messed up the knit purl sequence and had to rip out several rows of stitches and start over again.  The list of unfinished projects go on and on which is somewhat embarrassing.  But I’m good with it. I just enjoy those few fleeting moments of peace and calm I get every now and then when I get to play with my needles.

Last year a friend of mine admired a picture I posted of myself wearing a beanie hat I made.  She loved it so much that she asked me to make one for her baby girl. I happily made two. I was quite happy how the first one turned out. The second was slightly big on her and looked like she needed to grow into it. But still pretty darn cute, no?







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