Catching up

It’s been a long time since my last blog post and boy time does fly by when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? Kids are growing up and going through the many stages in life that teens normally go through like their first heartbreak, newfound friendships, school dance, driver’s license, first car, graduation and college.  I thank God for these treasured moments both the good and the bad ones.  Some moments you come to dread as a parent because you just want to always create that happy-place environment for your kids where they can only experience joy and nothing else…only in a perfect world, right?  You just want to cocoon them and keep them safe from the big bad world out there. But then if we constantly shield our kids, how would they grow up and become independent, responsible people, how would they learn to pick themselves back up and march on. Sometimes you just have to let them fall and trust that they will get up and dust themselves off and keep going. Oh but when my mama heart is so tender, all that logic goes out the window and I just want to hug my babies and not let go ever.  I”m sure all you mamas out there know what I’m talking about.

Life has been a whirlwind. Ernie has been so busy with work and has literally been working seven days a week with hardly any time off.  He makes so many sacrifices for our little family and never complains about it.  He’s the most hard working, dedicated husband and father and I just adore him for everything he has done and continues to do.  My youngest is set to start high school in a few short weeks and is so looking forward to it.  She’ll be playing piano for her school’s jazz band this year and has even asked to start taking piano lessons again.  So excited for her.   My oldest graduated high school in June and started college this summer.  She’s driving now and between classes, study groups, and new friends she’s the happiest I’ve ever seen her.  I thought she’d want to take the summer off and just have fun and hang out at the beach with her friends (maybe find a summer job, hint,!) but she’s a go-getter with big plans for the future and decided on her own to keep pushing forward with her studies even if it meant she’d have to forgo a much needed and well deserved summer break.   I’m just so proud of my girls because they’re good, well rounded kids. Sure they drive my crazy but it’s a fun crazy and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.  Like the saying goes, “it’s a crazy life, but it’s OUR life”.

As for me I’m busy being mom and wife to the most important people in my life.  And as always I’m busy crocheting, knitting, painting or working on some craft project.  Been working on some fun stuff lately that I’ll share in future posts. Also been trying new recipes and new beauty products which I’ll share as well. For now I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures of my girls middle school and high school graduation.






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