Beautiful New Cottage Style Table and Sideboard Buffet

So I’ve been on the hunt for a new table with matching chairs. The one we had for almost 10 years was worn and had scratches with heat and water stains all over the table top.  Then one of the chairs started to wobble after a screw got loose and fell out. Seriously, it got to the point that we dreaded company because we were so embarrassed at how raggedy the table was looking. We went to Ashley’s Home Furniture store and actually ordered a dining set with a matching sideboard buffet table. But to be honest I wasn’t happy with the color or the style so I called and canceled the order before it got delivered. Truth be told, I wanted a two tone shabby chic or cottage style table and sideboard but I didn’t want to break the bank either. I scoured nearby furniture stores and found nothing close to what I was looking for. Finally my brother Gonzalo suggested I check out the Long Beach Antique Flea Market that opens the third Sunday of the month at the Veterans Stadium by his house. Believe me when I say this flea market is like heaven on earth if you have a soft spot for vintage items. As we made our way around the hundreds of vendors I finally found the table I was looking for. It was a oval shaped two toned table with four light green colored chairs. The table top was gray and the rest white.  It was exactly what I wanted. Too bad it was sold! Can’t express enough how heartbroken I was. But the gal who was selling the furniture was very willing to help me and offered her business card and suggested I email her what I wanted and she would be happy to search around for the right table and paint it any color I wanted. Well let me tell you this sweet gal came through for me and found exactly what I was looking for and really put her skills to work and brought an old vintage looking table and sideboard buffet back to life with a little sanding and some fresh paint.

Here are some before and after pics by the talented Simone Udink. By the way if you live in the Orange or L.A. County area in sunny Calif feel free to email her at and tell her I sent you. You can also check out some of her stuff on Instagram @my_cottage_by_the_sea.

Check it out and let me know what you think….






Seriously in love with the fact that it has a pedestal




 After…. (love that distressed look)

003 004



4 thoughts on “Beautiful New Cottage Style Table and Sideboard Buffet

  1. loveyesterdays

    What an amazing transformation! I love it! And the distressing on the sideboard is awesome. You make me want to ditch my kitchen table!


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