My Mom

My dear sweet mother fell in her kitchen several weeks ago. I guess when she turned to grab something her foot caught on the leg of the chair and she fell flat on her knees.  Like the fighter that she is, she got up, dusted herself off and went on with her cooking. Bless her heart. At 80 (will be 81 next month…woohoo!!!) she already has other medical issues to deal with. She has heart disease, seizures which she takes medication for, osteoporosis, asthma, diabetes. She’s also a two time breast cancer survivor. Along the way she’s had other things come up that required short hospital stays or procedures to fix this or that.  She’s a trooper I tell ya! A fighter really…and she hardly ever complains. Now this.  The pain in her left knee didn’t hit her until a couple of weeks later. Not sure why the delay of the onset of pain. I would think that she’d feel pain in the days following her injury but weeks? She saw her PCP and he told her she appears to have an effusion (water accumulation) of the knee and that she best be seen by an orthopedic doctor.  She has her appointment this week. Wish it was today. Hopefully he’ll be able to address it and possibly drain the fluid from her knee and that will be the end of that. Is that wishful thinking? Being 80 and having injuries like this that prevent you from going about your daily routine is tough. She’s a preschool substitute teacher and really enjoys working with the little kids. She’s the “get-up and go” type and hates that this has impacted her life and that she has to rely on a walker or cane to get around the house.  She gets depressed and wants to be free of pain and be able to walk around freely without assistance from anyone or anything. I love my dear sweet mama and would take on this pain for her in a heartbeat if I could. Anyone reading this, if you could please keep her in your prayers I’d surely appreciate it. I know God has been so gracious with her and has blessed her with amazing strength and perseverance.  She is the kind of woman I want to be when I’m in my 80’ and strong with an unwillingness to let anything slow me down and above all, a strong love and adoration for our Lord and Savior.  I love you mom!   IMG_1556


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