Back again…

Time just zipped by in the blink of an eye. Instead of writing about my daily happenings and sharing my creative side with a picture or two, I’ve been spending wayyy too much time on Facebook and YouTube. I guess you can say I have an addiction of sorts..LOL!  But also I’ve been hanging with family and just being mom to my two girls and wife to my sweet husband.The school year will be wrapping up soon in June which will be a welcome break for us all.  Not sure what Lindsey’s summer schedule will be like yet. She hopes to volunteer at the hospital where I work and will also be taking a summer class so we know she’ll be busy  at times. Ernie and I have been talking about possibly taking the kids camping but those plans aren’t firm yet until we know more about Lindsey’s summer schedule. I miss the days when we’d just plan something and do it. No worries or hassles about checking with anyone’s schedule,  just put it on the calendar.  Lindsey is almost 16 and learning how to drive now and I know at some time I’ll need to step back and watch her spread her wings of independence and let her make some of her own choices.’s dang hard I tell ya.  Nikki is my strong-willed, spirited child who just lives to test my parenting! At 11 she sure knows how to push my buttons. She knows what to say or not say, when to say it and how to say it. She’s always thinking, planning, and plotting. But she’s a LOT of fun. Oh how I love my kids to pieces. I look at Ernie sometimes and realize how truly blessed I am to have such a patient and loving father to our kids. I know a lot of times he wants to run and hide when his girls (including me) are having an off day or feeling hormonal but  he just sticks it out and rides the wave as best he can, bless his heart.

This brief update wasn’t as detailed as I would like it to be.  I need to get myself to bed. Hope to blog more on a daily basis but the reality is that life can get in the way so that might not always happen.  Just the same, feel free to check in from time to time as I’ll be sure to post a pic or two and maybe throw in some fun recipes I’ve been finding on Facebook. Night everyone!


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