Yard Sale

What a busy day we had today. We had our first yard sale since moving to this house 12 years ago. Its amazing how much junk you can accumulate over the years. I used to hold onto  junk but then the voice of reason kicked in and said “use it or lose it”.  I don’t like clutter and our garage was getting packed full of stuff that we weren’t using. Boxes and boxes of old clothes in fairly good condition didn’t go as quick as I had hoped. My mom brought a couple bags of sweaters she bought from Banana Republic and wore maybe only a few times. Not one of them sold. Seems the folks who stopped by were more into the housewares stuff. Items like an old karaoke machine and a painting I bought from Rosarito Beach years ago sold quick. I almost sold my treadmill for $150. A lady was ready to load it into her vehicle when we decided to plug it in first to show her how it worked. I was so confident it was in good working order but then the darn thing wouldn’t turn on! It had been sitting in the garage for a long time and I guess the motor just died. Ernie said if dust got into the motor and other electronic component it can create problems.  The lady was polite and said “no thanks”. Can’t say that I blamed her. Later Ernie removed the cover to the motor and after cleaning some of the dust off, noticed sparks were flying every time he turned it on. Thank God it didn’t end up in someone’s home because I don’t think it’s a safe machine to use now.. 

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