Made this one in a rush

This past Saturday Ernie and I had a birthday party to go to but after working all day in the yard my whole body was  aching pretty bad so I decided to stay home. Ernie decided to go to the party and had already bought a gift for the birthday girl but needed a card to go with it. I pulled out all my goodies and threw this card together.


3 thoughts on “Made this one in a rush

  1. Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape

    Hi Ingrid,I was over at Lily Pad's and read your comment and was curious to see what you came up with so quickly. What a pretty little birthday card, love the colors and the combination of papers. I like all your creations and wanted to follow your blog but didn't see a follow button. I like watching you tube videos too, they have the most amazing techniques. I started with scrapbooking then moved on to ATC cards and now I'm making cards as well. But cards are always a challenge for me. I'm not very good at coming up with designs since my mind always wants to get "artsy" and the first thing I want to grab is my acrylic paint, lol. come by and visit me when you get a


  2. Melissa Shea

    Hi Ingrid!mi saw your comment on Kristina's website & wanted to see what you came up w in such a short time. And success" I love what you created! Clean & balanced! I've been known to spend wwwaaayyyy too much time on one card too-but hey-I love it!


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