My niece Ella has been out of the hospital for a few months now and our family is so grateful to everyone for all their heartfelt prayers. The pictures I see on facebook show little signs that she was so very ill.  Thankfully she is doing better and her parents are taking every precaution necessary to make sure she is happy and healthy.
As for us, school is out for my kiddos.  Lindsey’s 8th grade graduation was last week and it was beautiful. She and her friend Lisa played a flute duet during the ceremony. It was awesome and I can’t say enough of how proud I am of my little girl. To think I am now the mother of a high schooler. Lindsey is looking forward to her first year of high school this fall. Where has the time gone? Barney and Elmo no longer visit this house. Now all I hear about is Justin Bieber and Taylor Lautner. 

Nikki is simply Nikki. Nothing gets this kid down. She’s always cheerful and looking for ways to brighten our day. She has a cute way of greeting me and Ernie when we walk through the door. When she hears us coming she’ll jump on the sofa and wait there with arms open wide and when we walk in the house she’ll literally jump in our arms and just holds on tight.  So sweet. Lately I’ve been on Ernie’s case about cleaning the yard. Its really crying out for help. I guess Nikki sensed my frustration so she drew up a contract (typed it herself) and asked her dad to sign it. Basically it just says that he is promising to clean the yard by the end of this month. If he doesn’t then he has to give me and Nikki whatever we want. So cute.

Here are a few pictures from Lindsey’s graduation.

Duet with friend Lisa
With Grandma Gilma
Lindsey with her grandparents, daddy and sis
Nikki met up with her best friend Amanda. Such cutie pies these two.

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