Getting Stronger

I was so happy to hear that Ella is getting stronger and stronger each day. She is eating more, playing and taking small steps. She is definitely moving in the right direction and our family is so grateful that she is making great progress. We continue praying for her to regain all her strength and for her lung to clear up. While scans have shown a pocket of air in her lung, the doctors believe this is something that can resolve on its own. She is out of the pediatric ICU and in a regular patient room. This is great news. This experience has definitely been a wake up call for all of us on how dangerous pneumonia can be especially for a little baby. We thank God for her medical team and for everyone who prayed for our little Ella to get better. Your prayers were answered and we will all continue to cover Ella in prayer as she continues to get better. I’m not sure when she’ll be discharged but at the rate she is going it’ll probably be sooner than later..God-willing. Will continue to post updates as I get them.

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