…has it really been this long since I last wrote something? I guess between kids, school, work and life’s craziness I just put this blog on the back burner.  Here’s a little update…Lindsey is in the 8th grade now and loving it. Homework is plentiful and she is a busy bee from the moment she gets home until her pretty little head hits the pillow with hardly a complaint. Nikki is in the 4th grade and enjoying every moment she gets to spend with her little friends. Just a joyful kid all around. I honestly can’t complain. I tell Ernie all the time that these two get their smarts from him. I was not that studious in school. I guess you could say the motivation just wasn’t there. But I look at my girls and I’m just in awe at how hard working and focused they are. Truly a blessing.

As for Ernie ..what can I say..he’s a great little husband and father. He recently lost his beloved grandfather and has been dealing with the heartache from that. I think he has found some comfort in putting together a video memorial for his grandpa.  It’s been a healing experience for him.  Work is as busy as ever but I’m not complaining. I’d rather be busy than not.  The only beef I have with my job is that something needs to be done about the controlling, and bullying leadership we have. At the end of the day it’s just a job and I leave it all at work and go home with a clear head. I rely a lot on the Lord to help me with this because I let the stress get the best of me sometimes. Ernie is quick to remind me that God has been so faithful and merciful and that whatever plans He has in store for me will be for the better.

Mom and Gonzalo recently returned from a trip to Miami. I hear it’s hot and humid there which is the kind of weather mom dreams about. There are talks about possibly moving out there but nothing firm..just talk. Dad is okay. His usual grumpy self but we love him terribly. Next month will be a year since he had his fall. He hasn’t had any problems relating to his accident which we are so happy about. Just can’t believe it’s going to be a year. He just celebrated his 80th birthday and is as stubborn and feisty as ever.

Nuff for now. Will write more later and hopefully post some pictures.


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