We had a relaxing day today. Went to church then stayed home all day.  I had so much housework to do it wasn’t even funny. But instead I let it all go. “Family time” is way more important than dirty laundry. We watched “Facing the Giants”.  It’s a Christian theme movie that I recommend for everyone to watch.  It inspires people to put their faith in the Lord especially when facing those obstacles (giants) in life.  Afterwards I tinkered with my camera a bit. I’m still trying to learn all it’s features and I predict it will take me a good year since it’s got too many buttons and way too many settings. But I love it and am learning a lot about photography.  I’m really liking the cooler temperatures. After the hot summer we just had I’m so ready for cooler air and maybe some rain. I REALLY love the rain. I have memories of walking home from school in the rain when I was 10 or 11.  That was some thirty years ago. I’d jump into every puddle I could find and giggle as I pictured my mom waving her finger at me telling me I shouldn’t have let the water soak through my socks because I’m going to catch a cold.  Another time the rain pounded the pavement so hard that I was completely soaked. My hair so wet I had to take hold of it and squeeze out the excess water.  After the movie the kids and I watched a couple episodes of I Love Lucy. They’ve never watched it before.  The black and white show was so foreign to them.  I had to laugh because they are so use to their other shows like Hannah Montana or iCarly.  They busted a gut laughing so hard at Lucy and Ethel working in the chocolate factory or when Lucy was doing the Vitamitavegamine commercial. Classic episodes. I miss shows like that. The other day I was watching the new show Trauma and there was this sex scene in an ambulance.  They don’t make family shows like they used to that’s for sure. 

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