Missing Mom

Mom has been vacationing in Miami for almost 3 weeks now. The kids miss her, I miss her. She arrives sometime this Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately we’ll only have a short time to spend with her to hear all about her trip before we leave for camping the next morning.My parents and Gonzalo are considering relocating to Miami. The weather there really agrees with my mom and as my brother puts it “her later years should be spent with her family”. I have several cousins who live there and almost every year my aunts and uncles go there to visit.  She’s lucky if she gets to see her siblings once every two years. I notice she gets lonely for them. I’d love for my mom to be around her family more but the selfish side of me can’t stomach the possibility of her moving away. Unfortunately we can’t relocate because we feel our jobs are stable at the moment. Plus the girls go to a great school here and we’ve set down some roots here so it’d be hard to make such a big change.  My parents would have to sell their house and sell all the junk my dad has accumulated in the garage. He’s a bit of hoarder when it comes to tools and things. He’s a metal machinist by trade and will buy a wrench even if he already owns ten of them…lol! Gotta love my dad.

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