Lindsey’s 6th Grade Graduation

My baby girl graduated 6th grade today and I couldn’t be more proud. She worked really hard in keeping her grades up. We’ve been blessed in the sense that Lindsey has always shown responsibility when it comes to her school. All I can say is prayer is the greatest resource for any parent. Ask the Lord to protect your kids guide them and fill their spirit with His love. I pray that God continues to give my kids wisdom and that they will commit everything they do to the Lord and trust Him to always show them the right way.Lindsey was so happy today. At first she was a little worried she wouldn’t get her hair to look just right. She has partially straight and partially wavey hair. She prefers straight hair. I wasn’t able to get off work early so I could help get her hair done in time for the 6:00 graduation. Thankfully her bff Lisa’s mom, Liz, offered to pick them up from school early to take them to get their nails and hair done. When she dropped her off I was surprised to see Lindsey with make-up on. But she was so happy and did look very pretty, although I do prefer a natural look for a 12 year old. So I left it alone and decided not to make an issue of it and spoil the evening.

We intended to have a graduation party in a couple weeks but Lindsey doesn’t like all that much attention centered on her and said she preferred a gift card to Target or a spa day with me. Anyone know of any spas that offer a mother/daughter package?


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