Up late, kids asleep….

I just finished wrapping most of the presents. I still need to shop for a few more things then I think I’ll be done for the year. With the way the economy is right now we decided to be a little more conservative this Christmas. Seems that every year the kids get a new electronic gadget from daddy. It can get pretty expensive but this year we opted to just keep it simple. No sense in spending $200-$300 on a Wii Fit. Although I could definitely use the Wii Fit. Tomorrow will be a long day for me. I need to make up 4 hours at work. I took some time off last week to attend my kids school activities. A couple hours here a couple hours there which added up to about 4 hours. I didn’t want to use my PTO so I told my boss I would make it up tomorrow. I normally get off at 3pm on Fridays but I’ll be working until about 7pm which I kind of like only because I can get a lot more done at night than during the day. It’s time for bed. Ernie is up watching some western flick with the volume up high. I’m surprised the kids sleep right through all the shooting. They’re heavy sleepers!


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