Piano stories

I remember as a young girl I use to love playing the piano. I think I started lessons at around 10 or 11 and played until I was about 16. One of my biggest regrets in life was choosing to quit. But still, I can always go back to taking lessons again.  For now I am just happy to be able to sit at my daughters side, guiding them and motivating them as they learn all about quarter notes and eighth notes and the meaning of fortissimo or pianissimo or legato. When they started taking lessons last year I thought I would never be able to help them because it had been so long since I played. But it’s amazing how the mind can store information. In many ways our brain is like a file cabinet. You can file information away and forget about it and then go back and retrieve it whenever you want. You may have trouble finding it, but it’s there.  While I’m definitely not at the level I once was, I am getting there. When I have a senior moment, I find myself turning to Lindsey for a little help. She takes her flute and piano lessons seriously and is always striving to play her best. To say I’m proud would be an understatement. Nikki also strives to do her best. I am so proud of her too. She is doing so well. There are occasional struggles with sticking to a particular piece until she has mastered it to perfection. But she is learning the art of patience. Not an easy task for a 6 year old. She sometimes will get frustrated when she makes a mistake. It can get pretty dramatic when she gets mad and puts her head down with her arms crossed in front of her and starts crying. As I give her my little pep talk she drowns out my words with her cries of “I caaaan’t dooo iiit” or “I DON’T WANT LESSONS ANYMORE”.  What’s a parent to do? Do I push her along and keep encouraging her to do better or do I let her quit? I’d rather not let her quit. What would that teach her? that when life gets rough it’s okay to give up and quit?  No way!!! My well meaning parents let me quit piano many years ago and to this day I regret it and almost wish they had put their foot down and stood their ground with me more. But I can sure understand their frustration with me.  I guess I left them exhausted with all my protests and constant complaining and whining about piano. Finally, they relented. Wish they hadn’t of course.  Nikki can cry, throw a hissy fit and complain all she wants. Not gonna let her quit. She can be tough to deal with but this mama bear is even tougher.


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