Spiders and Rolly-Pollies Oh My….

One of Nikki’s favorite pastimes is searching for insects. Outside the front of our house we found spiders and rolly-pollies. She likes looking at the spiders from a distance but she isn’t big on letting them crawl up her arm like she is with rolly-pollies and ladybugs. I can’t stand spiders myself. As a kid I still remember my brother Gonzalo chasing me with a spider-filled jar around the house. Ewwww.


One thought on “Spiders and Rolly-Pollies Oh My….

  1. Ira

    I hope the fascination with bugs doesn't last long… I can't imagine having to pretend they are just another creature when what I really want to do is scream and jump on the sofa! Even the rolly pollies give me the hebbie jebbies.


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