Leaves and backyard creatures

The kids, including our dog Twinky having fun jumping in a pile of leaves I just raked up.
Later in the evening Lindsey spotted what looked like a rat hanging outside the edge of our sliding glass door. When Ernie went outside to catch it, he realized it wasn’t a rat, it was a gopher. Rats scurry away as fast as they can but this little critter just looked at Ernie as if to say “yeah, I’m the one digging the holes in your front yard, what about it?”  Ernie didn’t have the heart to kill it. Instead he put it in a box and then drove a few blocks to a nearby school to let it go. Not the smartest thing to do but the little varmint was so dang cute. May the school forgive this crazy animal loving family for dumping this fur ball on their property.

One thought on “Leaves and backyard creatures

  1. =PurpleTeenG=

    hi, your blog is kind of cool for a mother… My mother wouldn't allow us to play on the pile of leaves.. hehehe.. way to go.. the gopher looks very cute… All the best.. When you have the time, do come visit my blog to… Take k..=Purple Teeng=


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