Hair Envy

Nikki has always hated having her hair brushed. She can go days without letting me brush her and she’ll literally run from me as soon as she sees the brush in my hand. Even after a bath she refuses to let anyone touch her. While babysitting, her grandma Elena won’t even fight her on this because she is just too quick to be chasing around the house. Tonight as we sat together and played games I noticed her hair was really matted. I grabbed a brush and made her sit down in front of me and braced myself. She cried and cried but I had to tune her out so that I can get her hair up in a ponytail, braid it and just be done with it. As I did this Lindsey was sitting right beside me just staring at her hair and when we both made eye contact we had to laugh because we each knew what the other was thinking. We were both feeling a bit jealous of Nikki’s hair.  Lindsey doesn’t like her own hair because it’s very wavey and frizzy. I don’t like mine because it’s curly and thin. So we were each wishing we had Nikki’s long thick, straight, non-frizzy hair…LOL!


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