Doctor Appointment

It seems that my doctor appointments are never ending. I can’t seem to go one month without having to see someone about a pain here or a pain there. Sometimes I think I’m just being paranoid but when I talk to fellow breast cancer survivors I find that I’m not alone and its just the way it is for us. Not every ache or pain means something serious. But at the same time I can’t ever let my guard down or even think for a minute that it’s probably nothing.

My appointment today was with Dr. Evans, my breast surgeon. Can I just say she is wonderful? Always puts me at ease and is the voice of comfort.  She didn’t find any lumps or anything abnormal which was a relief. She did give me an order to get my annual MRI done this November. Something I dread so much but I know I have to do. I feel great and all my mammograms have been normal but I just can’t help feeling that touch of nervousness. When I get this way Ernie always reminds me about how faithful the Lord has been to me and to remember how loving and merciful He has been. He’s right. I need to remember these things and put all my faith and trust in the Lord and to focus solely on my relationship with Him and to remember his grace and love is never ending.


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